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Nextprint produceert carbon neutraal, geholpen door Ricoh.

17 juni 2015 in Duurzaam Grafisch produceren en verpakken

Ik was deze week op bezoek bij het grafische bedrijf Nextprint in den Bosch. Het viel me op dat ze pro-actief zijn op het gebied van klimaatvriendelijk produceren. Dit is interessant voor mijn Durablog duurzaam grafisch produceren.


Hieronder een verslag van Nextprint waar technisch directeur Giel van Boxtel de drijvende kracht is achter de duurzame initiatieven.  Meer info over Nextprint:


Nextprint, a commercial print and communications company based in Rosmalen, The Netherlands, offers its clients a range of carbon neutral print services. The company uses advanced energy efficient technology supplied by Ricoh and is a certified ‘Ricoh Carbon Balanced Printer’. Efficiency savings are shared with clients, helping Nextprint win new business.


The Challenges

Automation is central to Nextprint’s growth strategy. The company has become an expert in document workflow management. Projects, such as the implementation of a full JDF workflow, have helped the company improve productivity and reduce costs. Efficiency savings, shared with clients, are helping Nextprint win new business and improve margins.

Commenting on the company’s drive for efficiency, technical director and co-owner Giel
van Boxtel said: “Our focus on internal efficiency improvements provides advantage for our clients. It’s an ongoing process. The challenge is to improve productivity, using our resources more efficiently, so that we can produce more, in a shorter timeframe, and at a lower cost.”

Responding to an increased demand for short run colour, Nextprint investigated digital technology. A detailed study, which considered the productivity of competing systems, helped Giel van Boxtel identify the most efficient solution. The study took into account downtime related to maintenance and replenishment, as well as outright production speeds.

Giel van Boxtel calculated the weighted ‘real productivity’ of each machine. Ricoh’s ProTM C901 Graphic Arts Edition production printer was the clear winner. The Ricoh press has a fast throughput speed, large paper capacity, uses high yield consumables and has a long service interval. Productivity is supported by Ricoh using its @Remote service management utility.

Technisch directeur Giel van Boxtel

Technisch directeur Giel van Boxtel

Ricoh’s Solution

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is high on the agenda of many companies. Keen to align their purchasing strategy and environmental goals, print customers increasingly demand that materials are produced in a sustainable manner. Efficient, carbon balanced printing provides benefits for the printer, its clients and the environment.

Although Nextprint had carried out an exhaustive analysis prior to selecting the Ricoh solution, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions were not considered as selection criteria. Nextprint was already using the Ricoh technology when Ricoh suggested further improving efficiency by implementing the Carbon Balanced Production Printing Programme.


‘Carbon Balanced Production Printing’ is the structured programme through which Ricoh helps its customers neutralise their carbon footprint. The programme is certified by the British Standards Institution (BSI). Having successfully completed the programme, commercial printers are able to guarantee that printed materials produced on Ricoh printing systems are carbon neutral.

Ricoh analysed CO2 emissions emanating from Nextprint’s production processes and helped Nextprint implement improvements to reduce emissions. Energy hungry servers were, for example, replaced, paper from sustainable sources introduced and toner cartridges recycled. The remaining – unavoidable – CO2 emissions were offset with Certified Emission Reductions (CERs).

Customer Benefits

As a participant in Ricoh’s Carbon Balanced Printing Programme, Nextprint is now able to differentiate itself as an environmentally responsible business and, as a certified ‘Ricoh Carbon Balanced Printer’, can access Ricoh services that drive further efficiency savings. The company is also able to use marketing tools that help promote its commitment to the environment.

Using Ricoh’s carbon calculator, Nextprint can, for example, calculate the CO2 emissions
of individual print jobs, and provide evidence to clients that the CO2 emissions have been neutralised. The company proudly displays Ricoh’s carbon neutral certificate in its reception area and promotes carbon neutral printing on its website.



For Nextprint, carbon balanced printing is more than just a marketing opportunity. Adopting sustainable work practices which limit climate change and protect natural resources are helping Nextprint improve efficiency and minimise costs. Reducing energy consumption and using raw materials more efficiently has helped Nextprint save money.

Commenting on Ricoh’s support, Giel van Boxtel said: “We provide print on demand, encouraging clients to save money and reduce waste by printing only the materials that they require. Ricoh’s Carbon Balanced Printing takes it a step further. We are able to demonstrate that the print we produce for clients is carbon neutral.”

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